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(Dave) Sign us up for next year!!!!! You and your crew did a fabulous job!!!!
Patricia Coates, Geneva Worldwide, OSDBU Exhibitor


Attendee Appreciations

(Dear Vicente) I wanted to thank you for all of your efforts to make the EKMS Conference a success for us. As I mentioned to you and the FBC team at the end of the show, I was very happy with the way that the exhibitors were integrated as an important part of the conference. I know it took a lot of attention and effort and we truly appreciate it. We felt that the conference was very valuable and we look forward to attending next year. I took not of your offer for us to do a briefing next year, and if we have topic that is both interesting and beneficial to your audience, we will let you know. Thanks again for everything. It was a pleasure meeting you. Best regards. Eric Jennings
(Mike) I really haven’t been here since returning from Colorado. Just wanted to say thanks for allowing me to participate at FISC. The conference was worthwhile for us and we will probably want to continue to attend in the future. Appreciate all of your help and that of your team on-site, they did a great job! See you Friday. Mark L. Barnett, NSA, Industry Outreach
Good Day and Greetings from Puerto Rico, Thanks for your outstanding service during the Key Management Workshop. Jose, Air National Guard
Congratulations! This event was one of the most productive Small/Diverse business trade fairs that I have seen over the last 10 years. Supplier Diversity Director, RTI International

Exhibitor Endorsements

(Rhonda) Thank you so much for all your help...your people were wonderful to work with. Karen, Snow Cap Agency
I received a very impressive, positive comment from our customer, Talla-Tech, Inc., Bob Carpenter yesterday that I must share. He is a new account and has exhibited in one other event, Fort Benning. He praised the service and high level of profession attention that he received at both events. He said that FBC was one of the highest level service oriented organizations that he had ever had the opportunity to be associated with. Please, he said, pass along his impressions to everyone connected with providing such a high level performance. He said that he will be looking forward to many more events in the future. All, it seems to me, should be included in these praised, since we all contribute to this kind of customer satisfaction. Pleasurably submitted George Hall (FBC) on behalf of Bob Carpenter, Talla-Tech, Inc.
(Hi Rhonda) Sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you. The VA SDVOB Expo was a great event for us. We generated 10-12 solid leads and about twice that many longer term leads. Since the Expo, we’ve been working on a proposal generated at the event that looks like it will turn into a nice order. We are considering some of your other events based on the success of this one. I’ll be in touch. Steve Phillips, Anchor Enterprises
(Dear Rhonda) As usual you put on a terrific event and most importantly we want to thank you for our location. It appears the show was a tremendous success based on contacts and the follow up we are doing as I write. The orders are the true barometers of any event and it is a bit too early to evaluate, but all things look quite positive. Again, a great event. Best regards. Wayne St. James, Vice President & C.F.O., Wayloo, Inc.
(Dave) Just wanted you to know how happy I was that we participated in the FAA Conference. This was my first experience with an FBC event and, as a result of this experience, my company will be participating in several more events. Logistically from pre-show instructions through tear down, your folks did a great job. In addition, I left the show with several well qualified leads and already have some appointments scheduled with completely new prospects. I appreciate the professionalism of the staff at FBC and look forward to working with you. Thanks again. Anne MacDonald, Network General Corp.
(Hi Stacy) Just a quick note of follow up to the NRL table-top of April 11…wanted you to know that I have a pending deal for that show! Once again your show provided access to a facility that otherwise is virtually closed to the outside world. That is a very key value point for your events in my mind. Without this particular show, I would not have been at the NRL that day, would not have met his particular person, and would not have this pending deal. Thanks also to your great support & the team’s effort to create and promote these events. I have never had an issue with the cost justification of attending FBC events! Best regards. Bill McKernan, Director, Sales & Marketing, IVS 3D
(Hi Rhonda) What a whirlwind of activity last week at the Conference! I couldn’t believe how many people I spoke to in one day, but it was absolutely terrific to exhibit and be part of the event. Thanks again for all your support in making the event run smoothly and for helping me get all my ducks in row with exhibiting and working on the bags and notebooks for the event. I certainly appreciated the opportunity, and I hop Liz will not hesitate to contact me about other events in the future. I’d like this to be an ongoing partnership, because it was so fun to work on the event support. Have a good evening, Rhonda, and I’ll look forward to connecting with your again in the future. You are just terrific to work with! Carol, Changing Hearts Giftware
Dave…I’m an exhibits manager for Lockheed Marin and wanted to send a quick note telling you what a great Help Karen has been on 2 small shows that popped up out of nowhere. I’m currently working 2 large International shows for Lockheed and these small unscheduled shows were quite honestly a pain. Karen has been so helpful in keeping Armor Conference and TETC straight for me. Always helpful, ready to get the answer and very quick to respond…wish all show management account managers were like her. Please pass on to her my heart felt thanks. Robert Wilson, Lockheed Martin
Thanks for all of your help…Have talked to Gabe – he is great, we are all set for the 24th show…and talked to Richard, he is great too, so thanks for that referral. Kahti Motley, Director, Business Development, Data Solutions, Inc.
(Karin) That was a GREAT event. I’ve attended numerous exhibitions run by other organizations and yours was far and away the best organized, value-added event in which I’ve participated. The location was excellent and we had many mid-to-senior level decision-makers stop by. The thoughtful little things like passing out donuts mid-morning and bringing backpacks to the vendors at the end of the day were the icing on the cake. Well done! Charlie Sowell, SRA International, Inc.
The Armor Symposium has been our best show to date. Thaks again fo the follow up on the show. You now know what Partsmaster is about so please keep us posted when you believe there might be a good fit! It was a pleasure meeting you and next time I am in town I will be in touch!! Thanks again. Ray Larry, Partsmaster
Great job supporting us on site. And Karen was wonderful with the pre-show support. This was a very positive experience for Northrop Grumman. Thank you! Andrea McCarthy, Northrop Grumman Information Technology
Thank you for keeping me current of other conferences, right now I would like to book a 10 x 30 space for next year at the Infantry conference, also I would like to be kept in the same area, is this possible? I love the show so far this really helps me with my business dealings within the Army. Jason Simione, Bulldog Military Equipment
(Dave) The support from everyone down there was outstanding. We definitely want to be a part of the Infantry Conference. Don Gasch, ICx New Heights
(Dave) Sign us up for next year!!!!! You and your crew did a fabulous job!!!! Patricia Coates, Geneva Worldwide, OSDBU Exhibitor
(Tina) I don’t have David Powell’s email address, but would you please pass along my thanks to him for sponsoring the Making Your Govt Exhibit Work workshop. I’ve already implemented some of the ideas that were offered (lead sheet) and have received positive results. I just wanted to say that it was really nice of FBC to offer this session and I hope there will be more to come! Thanks. Margo Oliver, Senior Sales Account Manager
(Bob) I can’t thank you enough for reserving that table for Rajant at yesterday’s Pentagon show. The traffic was better than usual. It really helped having that table. I spotted UASF Maj. Gen Mike Peterson walking around and grabbed him for a presentation. We would not have had this opportunity otherwise. Joe Haardt, Rajant
(Rhonda) Thank you so much for all your help…your people were wonderful to work with. Karen, Snow Cap Agency
Karin, the Las Vegas event was exceptional. We are already handling 8 SDVO set-a-sides. Thank you for the part that you played in a truly exceptional event. We will be there next year. Ken Shoemake, The Stay Safe Store
(Karen) The event was outstanding from our perspective, from the program to the exhibits! It honestly exceeded our expectations, and it was great to actually see consensus on where we stand today and where we can all go, and how everyone participating can play a role in that. The comments on twitter and some of the participants blogs were also all positive! Looking forward to next year already! Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc.® (OGC)

Government Host Recognitions

We have supported 2 tech expos per year for the past many years. One provided by {another federal event company} and one provided by the Federal Business Council. It was determined by the Boulder Labs Executive Board that only 1 expo was needed per year. We conducted a survey after each of the past expos and it was overwhelming determined that the FBC expo was favored by the staff for both technical content and organization. John Lowe, BLEA President
(Mike) Hello. After telling you yesterday how great it was to work with Victoria yesterday morning, I have another bit of praise for you. Anna (and I never got her last name) helped with the last session of the day in the B track…she was great. She introduced herself, told me that she was there to hold up the time to go cards at the back of the room, and would help with any other issue that might come up. We had the beginnings of an issue with microphones, and Anna was there to help, if needed. Whoever gets the credit for hiring such great people as Victoria and Anna should be commended. Victoria and Anna should also be commended for being so helpful and customer oriented. That level of service is a breath of fresh air. Thanks again. Mark Wilson, CISSP
(Dennis) It was great meeting and working with you. We appreciate your contribution to the Las Vegas AFCEA Chapter. It’ll go a long way to providing scholarships to the needy science departments in the public schools here in town. We’ll be more than happy to work with you guys again next year. Until then, take care. Kelly L. Varitz, Capt. USAF, Deputy Commander, 99th Communications Squadron
I’d be delighted to sing your praises!! FBC is the most professionally-run conference management contractor that I have dealt with in more than 10 years of planning conferences. It is comforting to know that everything will be done right. MaryEllen Dorsey, Department of Homeland Security
On behalf of my executive staff and myself, I wanted to send you a formal note of thanks for all of your help in planning, organizing, coordinating, and executing SSA Authentication Day. You managed to recruit the appropriate vendors and speakers in a short period of time. You supplied us with professional posters, fliers, agendas, and programs for our event in a timely manner. You took care of supplying food and drinks for the vendors and you assisted with directions and security clearance for them. You even provided keepsake pens for the attendees. You remained onsite for the entire day of the seminar and assisted with set-up and logistics. I and my directors very much appreciated your guidance, your professional manner, and your attention to detail in preparing for this event. Very nicely done! SSA, Office of Authentication
I personally would like to thank the Federal Business Council for their help. The Census Annual IT Security conference & Expo was a huge success due to primarily efforts of Elizabeth Hood in her diligence of organizing the vendors and support personnel. Thank you. William (Bill) Pastos, U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census
Thanks for your patience and help in working up for our conference. We were amazed in how smoothly the registration process was handled. Bob M. had commented that this was the Best Conference ever (and this was the 31st conference). Thanks again for all your help in making our conference a success. If there is anything you need from me, let me know. Bob Green, U.S. Pacific Command
We have supported 2 tech expos per year for the past many years. One provided by {another federal event company} and one provided by the Federal Business Council. It was determined by the Boulder Labs Executive Board that only 1 expo was needed per year. We conducted a survey after each of the past expos and it was overwhelming determined that the FBC expo was favored by the staff for both technical content and organization. John Lowe, BLEA President
Employees were always in contact with us and kept us abreast of everything almost daily.... sometimes I sent at least 20 to 25 emails per day. They always responded in an expedient manner. I never felt like we weren't on the "same page." Professionalism at its finest." Host of the FAA Air Transportation Information Exchange Conference
Wanted to send you a note this morning to thank you for all the hard work FBC did in preparing and executing the logistics for the tech expo. I would especially like to laud the event managers effort in leading the coordination effort for expos in both classification levels, while juggling the hoops that are necessary in our environment. It is obvious that she has great rapport with the vendors and I believe that led to a smoother and more successful event. NRO CIO Office
You guys were awesome! Thanks again for all of your expertise and knowledge in hosting Vendor Day! FBI Information Technology Engineering Branch