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(Hi Stacy) Just a quick note of follow up to the NRL table-top of April 11…wanted you to know that I have a pending deal for that show! Once again your show provided access to a facility that otherwise is virtually closed to the outside world. That is a very key value point for your events in my mind. Without this particular show, I would not have been at the NRL that day, would not have met his particular person, and would not have this pending deal. Thanks also to your great support & the team’s effort to create and promote these events. I have never had an issue with the cost justification of attending FBC events! Best regards.
Bill McKernan, Director, Sales & Marketing, IVS 3D

Event Promotion

FBC works with an internal sponsor at each location to help announce the on site event. FBC promotes to all major departments and personnel including, but not limited to, Purchasing Managers, Technical and Engineering Staffs, MIS Managers, Contracting Officers, Procurement Specialists and End Users using the following methods:

  • Internal distribution of fliers in mail distribution at a location
  • E-mail (internet and intranet) sent by FBC and the host at a location
  • Special invitations to past attendees and current IMPAC card holders
  • Announcements and advertisements in the newspapers and bulletins
  • Door-to-door invitations to key contacts by canvassing an agency
  • Posters, fliers and table tents in all public areas and bulletin boards
  • Voice mail or telemarketing at select locations
  • Promotion to your specific requested audience


Marketing Examples: