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(Dear Vicente) I wanted to thank you for all of your efforts to make the EKMS Conference a success for us. As I mentioned to you and the FBC team at the end of the show, I was very happy with the way that the exhibitors were integrated as an important part of the conference. I know it took a lot of attention and effort and we truly appreciate it. We felt that the conference was very valuable and we look forward to attending next year. I took not of your offer for us to do a briefing next year, and if we have topic that is both interesting and beneficial to your audience, we will let you know. Thanks again for everything. It was a pleasure meeting you. Best regards.
Eric Jennings


Founded in 1976 as the Small Business Product Review Council, we held 10-20 table-top shows per year in the Washington, D.C. area during the first few years. As we began to establish relationships with more and more federal government facilities, the number of events continued to grow. In the early nineties, we expanded beyond the local D.C. area to military bases and government facilities in Virginia, Georgia, and Ohio. It was at this time that we changed our name to Federal Business Council, Inc. In 1996, we opened our west-coast office.

FBC was awarded a GSA schedule in 2000, helping to expand our role as a manager of government-sponsored specialty conferences. These include the annual Defense Technical Information Center Conference, the Army's Armor and Infantry Warfighting Conferences, and the OSDBU Procurement Conference.

FBC has grown from a simple event management company to a comprehensive resource for marketing to the Federal Government. FBC understands the difficult aspect of federal selling. We help industry exhibitors and government procurement personnel connect, providing face-to-face interaction and relationship building that result in federal sales.

We now provide educational materials to help you develop and improve your overall federal marketing strategy and make the most of your trade show experience, including: FBC’s End of FY Marketing Tips and the Exhibitor Planning Guide; get answers to tough questions about government sales and marketing from the most recognizable experts in the field; and Integrated Training and Educational Tutorials – self paced learning on today’s most relevant topics.

In the past few years, FBC has held an average of 175 events annually across the country focusing on everything from Information Technology to Warfighter Technology, small businesses to primes, and everything in-between.

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