Cross Domain Technical Forum (CDTF)


The National Cross Domain Strategy & Management Office (NCDSMO) presents the 2023 Cross Domain Technical Forum (CDTF), a three-day forum for those who work with cross domain technologies, services, and solutions to collaborate and advance their cross domain knowledge.

Over the past decade, the CDTF has connected representatives from government and industry helping them partner and collaborate on the advancement of cross domain technology and the resolution of challenges specific to cross domain developers, testers, owners, and operators.

We look forward to seeing you in Laurel, Maryland in June 2023!

Note: The 2022 CDTF was postponed because of the increased CDC COVID-19 community levels in certain areas of Maryland. All 2022 registrations apply to the 2023 event. In other words, if you registered for the 2022 CDTF, you are already registered for the 2023 CDTF.


The CDTF is for those who work with cross domain technology for the U.S. Government (particularly the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community), Five-Eyes partners (Australia, Canada, Great Britain and New Zealand), industry, and academia. At this time, only U.S. and Five-Eye guests are eligible to attend the CDTF.

Anyone working with cross domain technologies or anyone who needs to know more about cross domain technology to accomplish their mission should attend.

Classification & Clearances

The first two days of the CDTF (June 27 and 28) are Unclassified, and the third day (June 29) is Secret. Therefore, no clearance is required to attend days 1 and 2, and an active Secret clearance is required to attend day 3.


There is no cost to attend the CDTF for U.S. Government, U.S. Military, and Five-Eyes partners (Canada, Great Britain, Australia, and New Zealand).

The attendee cost for contractors and industry partners is $225.


For further information non passing your clearance for Day 3 please contact the NCDSMO at

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