We are thrilled to extend our heartfelt invitation to the inaugural USDA Innovation Symposium, where we will delve into the exchange of best practices harnessing innovation that profoundly impacts the USDA mission.


The purpose of the Innovation Symposium is to facilitate the dissemination of crucial information across USDA regarding people, processes, technology, and information innovation activities within USDA, other Federal agencies, and with vendors.

This symposium promises an enlightening experience, featuring keynote presentations from USDA and Government tech leaders, thought-provoking panel discussions, and engaging breakout sessions showcasing various approaches utilizing technology to enable USDA innovation. Attendees and speakers alike will have invaluable opportunities to contribute, share insights, and foster a culture of innovation within USDA, Government, and Industry.

By the end of the Innovation Symposium, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of:

  1. Opportunities for re-using approaches from USDA and Federal government.
  2. Innovation techniques
  3. Key contacts and channels for further engagement.

This symposium represents a pivotal moment to propel our collective efforts towards innovation-driven excellence. Join us in this transformative journey by registering now to secure your seat at the forefront of modernized technologies and innovations!